City of Kingston Cupe Collective Agreement

The City of Kingston and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 109 have recently reached an agreement on their collective agreement, which covers more than 900 employees.

The new four-year contract includes a number of significant changes and improvements for city workers. Some of the key highlights of the agreement include:

1. Wage increases: Union members will receive a 2% wage increase in each of the four years of the contract. This increase will help workers keep up with the rising cost of living and ensure they receive fair compensation for their work.

2. Job security: The agreement includes provisions to protect workers from layoffs and outsourcing. This will provide peace of mind for city employees who rely on their jobs to support themselves and their families.

3. Health and safety: The new agreement includes enhanced health and safety measures, such as improved training and the provision of personal protective equipment. These measures will help ensure that workers are able to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

4. Improved benefits: The contract includes improvements to workers` benefits, including an increase in dental coverage and improved vision care. These enhancements will help support the health and well-being of city employees.

Overall, the new agreement represents a positive outcome for both the City of Kingston and its workers. By providing fair compensation, job security, and improved working conditions, the contract will help ensure that city employees are able to continue providing high-quality services to the community.

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