FGT Cabinetry – Your One-Stop Dream Kitchen Cabinets Store

FGT Cabinetry - Your One-Stop Dream Kitchen Store

One of the most exciting remodelling jobs to undertake is designing an ideal kitchen. It enables you to be creative, apply realistic solutions, and utilize all of your Pinterest boards that you’ve collected over time. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to designing your kitchen, it might be a little intimidating. Whatever your level of experience with home remodelling, we’re here to assist you by sharing our step-by-step method for designing your dream kitchen.

Planning Your Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is the most often used space in any home; it’s where your family gathers and memories are built. The kitchen should not only be a warm and efficient room; it should also represent uniqueness.

The key to establishing a design that fulfills your highest expectations is to plan your kitchen design effectively. These 4 steps will set you up for success and make your kitchen project a massive hit.

1. Make a List of Elements You Want in the Kitchen

The first step in designing a  kitchen is to evaluate the kitchen. This technique should help you figure out which design components are “must-haves” and which you can do without. For instance, you may want separate cabinets for all your kitchen essentials. Alternatively, you might want a vanity with a sink near your cooking area. Whatever be the case, a little assessment and a list of elements can help prioritize the essentials you need.

2. Decide on the Kitchen Layout

After you’ve finished making a list of the elements you want, you’ll need to decide which floor plan is the best. Choosing a layout is an important step in planning your kitchen. It will help determine how many cabinets you can include.

In today’s kitchen designs, there are six basic sorts of layouts that are most common. You’ll want to figure out which one is the most suitable for your kitchen design.

The following are the four layouts we recommend:

  • Kitchen layout in a U-Shape
  • Kitchen layout in the shape of a G
  • Kitchen layout in an L-Shape
  • Kitchen layout with a galley

3. Plan Your Storage Solutions

Now that you’ve chosen the layout, you may start deciding on storage solutions. Begin by making a list of where you lack storage in your kitchen and what you currently have kept there. Dry foods, storable appliances, cooking equipment/utensils, and anything you keep on your counters should all be on your list. You can opt from a range of cabinet storage, drawer storage, bench storage, and other ideal storage solutions according to your need and preference.

4. Select the Cabinets for Your Kitchen Design

Now it’s time to have some fun! After you’ve decided on a style for your kitchen, you can start looking for the best cabinet storage solutions in USA. Determine which finishes, colors, patterns, and other elements will help you bring and plan your kitchen cabinets to life and match with your home décor.

Keep in mind that while choosing the vanity cabinet for your kitchen, your budget will play a big role. Before you begin, set a budget limit, determine how much you are willing to spend and stick to it.

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Your One-Stop Kitchen Cabinet Solution

FGT Cabinetry is a leading wholesaler of kitchen cabinets in Eagan, Minnesota. We design design kitchen cabinets online and build cabinets utilizing cutting-edge technology and materials. We are pleased to provide a wide range of sizes and styles that will add life to your kitchen space at the most affordable costs.

FGT takes pleasure in guaranteeing that the RTA cabinets you buy from us are built to last for several years. Our kitchen design components are constructed with only the highest-quality materials and long-lasting finishes, including CARB2-certified water-based finishes in some styles. With best-in-class style, warranty, and prices, we are leading the kitchen cabinets industry. What distinguishes us from the competition is that we provide a one-stop-shop for all of your kitchen cabinet needs.

What Makes FGT Cabinetry the Best-in-Class?

We are known for our attractive, functional and promising dream cabinetry for your dream kitchen. FGT Cabinetry is your one-stop shop for all your kitchen cabinet needs. For 16 years, we are in this business. We have had a great experience in knowing the taste and preferences of our customers. We endeavour to deliver excellent customer service while meeting all of your kitchen remodelling requirements.

Our primary goal as a kitchen cabinet company is to transform your kitchen and give it new life through creative and innovative designs. We are here to help you with top-quality kitchen renovation services, whether your kitchen is outdated or you need to update the structure and overall aesthetic.

We have skilled kitchen designers who are ready to turn your ideal kitchen into a reality. Our collections are diverse and made to fit every kitchen design. At just a fraction of the cost, we offer a variety of popular kitchen cabinet types in traditional, modern, transitional, and many more designs! Check out our entire range of dream kitchen cabinets and choose the one that makes you go – WOW!

Lastly, the kitchen is the heart of your house. So, it is important that it not only looks the best but is also very functional and easy to use for everyday purposes. Moreover, kitchen cabinets store play a major role in determining how your kitchen looks and feels, ensuring that your everyday tasks are made – a lot simpler!  Go for colors that match your home’s décor and you are good to go!

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