Bringing History to Life: Restoring and Refurbishing Vintage American Kitchen Cabinets

Bringing History to Life: Restoring and Refurbishing Vintage American Kitchen Cabinets

Vintage kitchens have a unique appeal, which is not mirrored by contemporary kitchens. Surely, you can integrate high-end features and make your kitchen more convenient, but when it comes to looks, nothing beats the ineffable charms of a vintage kitchen. So, if you are looking to overhaul your existing vintage kitchen cabinet for a new one, you should give a thought to restoring and refurbishing your current cabinet. There are a number of ways you can spruce up the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank, and add an interesting touch without too much effort.

Tips for Bring History to Life and Restoring an American Kitchen Cabinet

If you have an American style kitchen cabinet, you can work towards a new wonderful look by applying these tips:

Creating an Antiqued Look

If you are cabinet has gone old and losing its charm, you can go for an antiqued look. Paint the cabinet with a color lighter than the original color. It will make kitchen cabinets appear older than they are, but not in a bad way. Take the paintbrush, dip it in the paint, and then remove excess paint by dabbing it onto a cloth. After that, use the almost dry paintbrush and lightly graze the surface of seams, detail trim, or corners. The American kitchen cabinet will start exuding an antiqued charm, which will create a pleasant variation in the existing ambience. 

Go for a Unique Distressed Look

Is your cabinet losing color in the wrong places? If your solid wood kitchen cabinet is losing its charm due to color wearing off, you should go for a distressed look. First, use layered colors and spattered dark paint on the surface. Later, when the paint has dried, you can use a chain and smash the surface to lightly sand the spots at areas where the cabinets is prone to developing spots. Once you have done that, your cabinet will start exuding an amazing distressed look that will give a vintage vibe to the overall kitchen interior.

Add a Nice Light to the Kitchen Cabinet

If you have bought your old cabinet from a reputed kitchen cabinet manufacturer and believe in its quality, you can create an interesting twist in its look by adding an undercabinet light. Making this change will add a fresh twist to the cabinet look, which will make you want to keep on using it for longer. For an American style kitchen cabinet, the addition of a new light can be a wonderful makeover. If you are not too comfortable adding a light yourself, you can call an expert. The addition of a new light will not only add a new vibe to the place, but it will also help you slice and dice vegetables during the nighttime, especially when you don’t want to turn on the main lights (as they can disturb other members in the house).

Accentuate the Cabinet with Crown Molding

There are certain cabinet elements that stand out and give it a luxe appeal and make people think that it is a really high-value cabinet. One of those elements is crown molding. For modular kitchen cabinets, the addition of a crown molding can be a boon. When done right with the help of an expert kitchen cabinet manufacturer, you can create the desired effect without spending too much money. The addition of a new trim will transform your kitchen storage into a seamless design that will definitely attract the attention of people visiting your house.

Add a New Kitchen Cabinet

If the size of your family is increasing and you are running short of space, adding a new kitchen cabinet can be a wonderful thing. Nowadays, it is easy to procure a new kitchen cabinet that complements your existing cabinet. With expert help, you can not only increase the space for your groceries and crockery but also add a vintage touch to the entire area. For instance, RTA kitchen cabinets can be installed easily with your existing kitchen cabinet. As RTA kitchen cabinets are relatively low-priced than custom cabinets, you can definitely save a lot of money. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a vintage look in the kitchen can be pricey as it might require a complete makeover in most kitchens. But with the right approach and help from experts, you can create the desired look at a reduced cost without putting in too much effort. One of the best ways to create the desired impact is by altering the look and feel of your existing American styled kitchen cabinet. There are options like purposefully aging the kitchen cabinet, accentuating it with crown molding and even adding a new cabinet that complements the existing look and feel of the kitchen. In most cases, you can DIY the kitchen cabinets, however, if you are not too keen on doing things yourself, you should hire outside help. 

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