How to Assemble RTA Cabinets?

How to Assemble RTA Cabinets

Assembling a Ready to Assemble (RTA) Kitchen cabinets by yourself is a great experience. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and familiarizes you with each and every component. However, the journey of assembling a cabinet may seem overbearing at first, especially to those who haven’t done any assembling or DIY work before. In this blog, we will look at the various aspects of assembling cabinets in greater detail.

Starting with Assembling Kitchen Cabinets

Although your kitchen cabinets are ready to assemble, they still require you to follow the necessary rta cabinets assembly instructions in a step-by-step manner. But before you begin, it is important to evaluate each and every part and look for possible defects.

When the product is delivered to your doorstep, it is advised that you inventory every item within a 5-day window. Open every box that you have received and check for damage. If any item is defective, you should contact the vendor for replacement ASAP. In order to minimize the chances of damage, it is advised that you buy from proven manufacturers with a track record of delivering quality products. For instance, veteran RTA kitchen cabinet manufacturers always double-check every item before delivery, ensuring the shipment of correct rta cabinet parts every time.

If you find any defect in the assembly rta cabinet parts, you should take a photo and send it to the manufacturer within the stipulated time window for RMA exchange. After analyzing each part, you should decide whether you want to get to work right away or start assembly at a later date. If you are planning to delay assembly, stow your modular kitchen cabinets at a place that does not have extreme temperatures. Both extreme cold and heat are not good for the health of both classic and modern kitchen cabinets.

Start Assembly with a Strategy and Staying Organized

An RTA kitchen storage cabinet can become a riddle to solve if you don’t take up the task in a systematic manner. It is recommended that you first watch a tutorial video to get a hang of how the RTA kitchen cabinets are in modern times. Depending on various kitchen cabinet designs, the assembly process and strategy used can be different.

 Find Your Tools and Organize them

It is crucial to arrange all the tools in a designated position before you start assembly. The assembly guide provided with the RTA cabinets for the kitchen can be a good start to learning more about tools such as a multibit screwdriver or a hex-key wrench. Preferably, use the tools provided with the RTA cabinet to avoid using tools that can harm the product. For instance, a person using an impact screwdriver instead of the one provided with the RTA cabinet can easily strip screws during assembly. Don’t be overly hasty in the assembly process and take every step judiciously.

Pro Tip: While using a drill, always adjust the clutch to prevent it from overpowering the fasteners. For better assembly, you should consider buying a hex bit.

Refrain from adding brads, staples, or glue during the assembly process to avoid voiding the warranty. It is worth remembering that cabinets that need adhesive rely on yellow carpenter’s glue. You might also need a Stapler or Pin Nailer to attach some parts./p> Setting Up an Area for Assembling RTA Cabinets

When you are building RTA cabinets for the kitchen, it is worth remembering that you might have to move it from a different room if you are not assembling it in the kitchen. Therefore, it is always advised to assemble the cabinet where it will be used. Use a waist-height table for sitting and working for added comfort. Put something below the cabinet to prevent it from scratching the floor surface. Once you build a cabinet box, you should mark it (using a pen or tape) to correlate it to the actual printed kitchen layout.

Top Tips for Organizing RTA Cabinets by Veteran Professionals

An RTA kitchen cabinet organizer is relatively cheaper than a custom cabinet. You can further lower the kitchen cabinets’ price by assembling your own cabinet instead of calling the professionals. A few professional tips that can help you install the cabinet yourself:

1. Always Install the Upper Cabinets First

If you don’t want to lean over the base cabinets awkwardly during the kitchen cabinet assembly process, it is better to install the upper cabinets first. Use a clamp to connect the second upper with the first one. Keep the cabinets flush during the process of screwing them together.

2. Always Use the Right Screws

Professionals always assemble RTA cabinets correctly because they always use the right screws in the process. Take note of which screws you have and always fit in the prescribed screws during kitchen cabinet assembly. /p> 3. Assemble Base Cabinets in a Different Manner for Added Convenience

Lay the base cabinets on their backs and clamp multiple base cabinets together, creating one long box. Joins the boxes with 1 1⁄4-inch panhead screws and then moves this assembly to the desired place.


Assembling RTA kitchen cabinets yourself can add to your savings and is a great way to familiarize yourself with every part. To get the best results and ensure hassle-free installation, follow the rta cabinets assembly instructions provided in this article. Inventory the items, send the defective ones for replacement and (preferably) assemble the cabinet at the location of installation to save your efforts and time in moving the cabinet to the designated position.

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