Ultimate Guide to Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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Wood kitchen cabinets are an integral part of your kitchen décor. They are the shining stars that are as important functionally as they are visually. Moreover, the look and feel of your kitchen cabinet, whether you choose a affordable solid wood kitchen cabinet or an engineered wood cabinet, leave a lasting impact on the observer.

Wood kitchen cabinets are available in various shapes, types and forms. You can access both modern kitchen design cabinets and traditionally designed cabinets, depending on your personal preferences. However, one thing that is the most important is the type of wood that your cabinet is made of. But if you are a first-time buyer or don’t have much knowledge about the different types of best wood for kitchen cabinets, you might find it hard to settle down on a particular cabinet for your kitchen.

Therefore, we have created this ultimate guide that keeps every factor in mind and gives you a good idea of how to proceed when buying a cabinet from a kitchen cabinet manufacturer.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Different Types of Construction

Right off the bat, let’s get one thing clear: a single kitchen cabinet can use different types of wood material. So, if someone says their kitchen cabinet is solid hardwood, it can also mean it primarily uses hardwood and has some other wood material at certain places. For instance, solid hardwood might be used for making cabinet face frames and cabinet doors, and High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) might be used for making cabinet panels.

Although there are wood cabinets built exclusively from solid hardwood, they are rarer than cabinets that use a mix of different types of wood. So, you should always keep an open mind while choosing a cabinet and weigh the pros and cons of different types of constructions.

Different Types of Wood Used in Kitchen Cabinet Construction

The great thing about buying a wood cabinet is that you get so many amazing choices in terms of wood. These choices allow you to experiment as you can select from a multitude of kitchen designs cabinets. While some types of wood are really expensive like maple, there are cheaper alternatives like poplar wood that allow you to reduce the cabinet price significantly. Let’s have a look:

Expensive Wood

Maple, cherry, walnut, and hickory cabinets are categorized under the premium category because of the high-quality wood they use. The premium wood can give a luxe appeal to the overall kitchen décor, which is why the types of wood mentioned before are extremely coveted.

There is a wide range of variations in wood grain along with different characteristics that distinguish one wood type from another. For instance, maple is a fine-grain, light-colored wood that has minimal color variations. Contrarily, walnut has swirls on the surface that vary between deep chocolate brown and light reddish gray. The cabinet wood types mentioned in this category are extremely hard, visually delightful, and durable.

Medium-Priced Wood

Red oak, white oak, alder, and birch wood prices fit the pocket of most buyers and do not lose much in terms of visual appeal when compared with expensive wood. Every type of wood in this category has defining characteristics.

While birch is known for its versatility, red oak is specifically used in traditional styles. Every type of wood has its own USP, so it is important to research in-depth before buying a wood cabinet.

Economical Wood

In this category, we have the famous poplar wood. Although it is a softwood, it is still very strong, especially when we consider how much cheaper it is compared with others. Poplar wood is extremely versatile and can work in modern and rustic surroundings.

One of the main disadvantages of poplar wood is that it can develop scratches and dents easily due to its softness.

Alternative to Solid Wood in Cabinet Construction

A solid wood cabinet can be very expensive and might not be ideal in certain situations (the presence of excessive moisture or pests like termites and woodworms).

Therefore, a variety of alternatives are used to lower the cost and increase the robustness of the wood cabinets. Below are some popular alternatives for solid hardwood that are used for constructing kitchen cabinets in modern times:

  • Engineered Wood Cabinets
  • High-Density Fiberboard (HDF)
  • Plywood
  • Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF)


A wood kitchen cabinet is an integral part of your kitchen. As it holds a very important place in your kitchen décor, you might struggle to find the best one based on your preferences. In our guide, we have highlighted the type of wood used in different cabinet constructions, their visual appeal, and costing.

We have also mentioned many alternatives for solid wood kitchen cabinets, which can lead to significant cost savings. A great way to lower cost and improve the style quotient is by choosing ready to assemble kitchen cabinets from a trustworthy kitchen cabinet manufacturer.

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